What is EDLife® ?

  • EDLife® is the owner of patent invented by Alazar C Yinbal, EDLife® founder and CEO.
  • The patent creates significant barrier of entry to any competitor.
  • Based on said significant patent, EDLife® created and owns the unique, disruptive, product – EDLife® Individual Endowment (Life) Policy©.
  • EDLife® product will be offered either as an insurance policy or financial contract, worldwide, to guarantee an EVENT: Future full payout of up to 4-year college degree. Neither an amount nor a return are promised.

EDLife® Product Value Chain

  • EDLife® licenses the underwriter to issue the EDLife® Individual Endowment (Life) Policy©
  • Selected underwriters issue the policy, adapting it to various markets’ regulations.
  • EDLife® is also the global General Agent, also ready to partner with a reputable national MGA
  • EDLife® licenses various financial services groups, geographically, to distribute, and/or, locally, co-underwrite the policy
  • The underwriters assume the risk and are solely responsible for the future colleges payout.


How the product works?

  • EDLife® product is designed as an endowment (life) policy or a financial contract. It is unique, innovative and no such solution currently exists locally or globally!
  • The product will be offered to parents/grandparents of children 0-5 years old, worldwide. Premium payments could vary from lump sum to periodic payments.
  • When the insured child reaches college age (17-25), any worldwide admitting college, will be paid in full per the official college’s final admission contract.
  • EDLife® eliminates college cost inflation!

HEPI 1961 – 2013

  • Over time the HEPI (higher education price index) is near straight line.
  • Meaning: Future higher education cost is PREDICTABLE
  • Actuarially – Manageable Risk highly correlated the CPI

College Price

As published by Business Insider, NerdWallet used data from the College Board to create this chart, which concludes that average college costs for the class of 2037 will be nearly $262,000 at a four-year private school, and will exceed $133,000 at a four-year public school.

Current 4-year Private non-profit top tier will cost a family close to ~$260K The weighted average is ~$179K. 2033, enrolling to same top tier program, will cost a family ~$550K, yet, The predicted average is ~$262K, and rightfully so.

Note: The total top tier cost today (not the weighted average) equals the top tier national weighted average 17 years from now!!!